Beluga Siberian and Caviar Holder
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Beluga Siberian and Caviar Holder

Caviar Giaveri offers an exclusive item paired with fine Beluga Siberian caviar. Perfect for holidays, special occasions, and indeed as a treat for yourself and your palate!


The product will arrive at your door with a 90-day expiry date.
Our attention to the freshness of caviar starts with its transportation. We have implemented a shipping solution that uses special styrofoam packaging with refrigerated glacettes to maintain a controlled temperature throughout the journey. The result? Fresh products, as if they were just purchased in our store.
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What’s inside

1 × Beluga Siberian Caviar 50 g
​​1 × Silver plated and plexiglass caviar holder

Caviar selection

Beluga Siberian caviar is considered one of the world’s finest. It is characterized by a soft and delicate texture and symphony of flavors, with buttery and iodized notes.

The exclusive caviar holder

A fine object created exclusively for Caviar Giaveri by skilled Italian artisans to express the brand’s concept and philosophy: bring the tradition of caviar back to the table, according to the ethos of current sustainability of this prized product. The precious silver-plated 16 cm wide holder is perfect for presenting 30 g, 50 g, 100 g, 200 g and 250 g tins.