Caviar Giaveri is one of the most important producers of sustainable Italian caviar, a top company worldwide. A brand devoted to excellence, with a recognizable, high, and transparent style, just as the quality of the caviar offered in different selections.

The sturgeon breeding facility is on Caviar Giaveri’s fish estates in the town of San Bartolomeo di Breda, in the province of Treviso, a few kilometers from Venice. In the more than 15 hectares of protected and controlled breeding grounds, natural balances are fully respected.

It stands out for its complete production chain. In fact, it breeds and processes totally in Italy 10 different species of sturgeon, the most prized in the world. It takes an average of 10 years for sturgeon to mature their eggs. This is why caviar, especially when it comes from controlled farms, is a highly prized product.

Each sturgeon specimen is cared for and monitored at every stage of its growth, and the high standards achieved allow for total traceability of the caviar produced. Attention, care and passion allow Caviar Giaveri to place itself at the top in the world of caviar production.

Among Caviar Giaveri’s sturgeon specimens bred in Italy we find the famous Beluga, the outstanding Osietra, the renowned Sevruga and the more common Siberian.

Egg selection is done strictly by hand, as is the packaging. Salting of the caviar follows the traditional “malossol” method, that is, with little salt.

Caviar can be enjoyed on its own, preferably using mother-of-pearl spoons, and served on an ice bed. Or accompanied by lightly buttered bread croutons, hard-boiled eggs, blinis, or boiled potatoes, simple recipes that will make your table even more sophisticated.

Caviar Giaveri’s caviar is available in 30 g, 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 250 g and 500 g sizes.