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The eternal match with champagne, important sparkling wine or vodka, ritual use in jet set events and the most important celebrations and get-togethers, as in more intimate select gatherings, are the most classical occasions for enjoying selected caviars by Caviar Giaveri.

It is very important to keep caviar in the fridge, not in the freezer. The perfect temperature is the key to keeping the nuances of flavour and the consistency of this delicious food.

Caviar can be tasted on its own, preferably using mother-of-pearl spoons (avoid steel as it can alter the flavour), and served on a bed of ice. Or present it with lightly buttered toasted bread, hard-boiled eggsblinis or boiled potatoes, all simple recipes that will enhance the refinement of your table

Ricetta Caviale


Mise en place: create the right atmosphere at the table


The timeless combination with champagne, the best sparkling wines or vodka, ritual of use in social events and celebrations and major holidays, as well as in intimate highclass gatherings, are the most classic moments for enjoying selected caviar by Caviar Giaveri. Or for a quick and informal aperitif.

The delicate, almost imperceptible flavour of caviar and the “freshness” of the product deserve particular attention when setting it up. Here is a short but useful list of practical suggestions:

  • Caviar can be enjoyed even by itself, straight from the packaging resting in a cooler, preferably raised to stand out on the prepared table;
  • We recommend a single serving, about 15 g, for a taste of the product while the ideal quantity suggested for a taster is at least 30 g;
  • You can share a 100g box with 4 people;
  • Use teaspoons of mother of pearl, bone, gold (better to avoid steel so as not to alter the taste);
  • Serve it on a bed of ice to maintain the temperature and to preserve the aroma;
  • A glass bowl nestled on a bed of ice is ideal: take care to serve the caviar gently so as not to crush the eggs unless you have a caviar holder;
  • The classic minimum portion to serve to a guest is 15 g (2 teaspoons). Accompany it with toasted bread lightly buttered with a mild butter or warm blinis.


Store the caviar, for a closely guarded pleasure

Maintaining the “cold chain” as much as possible is an important factor for Caviar Giaveri.

When the package is in your hands the product is at a temperature controlled and maintained by special packaging insulation. In this way it is possible to preserve the natural flavour, texture and fragrance of the eggs, the vibrant colour and quality of this delicious food.

Some simple tips will help you to extend the gustatory pleasure of the prestigious caviar you have chosen: Remove the package from the protective cover and place it in the refrigerator (NOT in the FREEZER).
The unopened product keeps in the refrigerator until the expiration date (120 days from the date of product packaging). Once opened, keep it refrigerated and consume WITHIN 3 or 4 DAYS.

packaging caviale