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Into the Blue - Osietra + Beluga Siberian

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This iconic “Caviar Barrel” contains an exclusive selection of Beluga and Osietra, with a special Blue Label inspired by the tradition. Choose your perfect combination!

The package includes 1 mother of pearl spoon and 1 caviar opener.

Choose your perfect combination

Beluga Siberian
Specie: Huso huso X Acipenser baerii
Diametro uovo: da 3mm
Colore: Grigio brunastro

Note gustative: delicato, burroso, morbido.
Specie: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Diametro uovo: da 2,9mm
Colore: chiaro-ambrato
Note gustative: marino, sfumature di noce, croccante.


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